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    Parents are required to provide a minimum of five volunteer points throughout the swim season, with at least two being earned at a swim meet.  Below are basic descriptions of the meet volunteer positions.  Parents are asked to either select volunteer responsibilities during the registration process or opt-out and pay the per-family fee.  Additional volunteer positions can be added later by accessing individual events in the Team Calendar.

    All volunteer questions can be directed to Meg Greene, our volunteer coordinator. 

    Home Meets Only

    Starter Starts each race with the use of either a horn or a whistle.
    Recorder Records the places of the swimmers in the main events as indicated by the Place Judges. Also records the times of the 1st and 2nd place swimmers as provided by the Lane Timers. These times are recorded on the main event sheets and then given to a Runner.
    Runner Takes the main event sheets from the Clerk of Course and gives them to the Recorder. Also takes the completed DQ sheets from the Stroke & Turn Judges and the recorded main event sheets from the Recorder to the Scorers.
    Ribbon Distributor Passes out heat winner and participation ribbons to all swimmers 10 and under during heat races only.
    Announcer Announces each race and calls the swimmers to the Clerk of Course before their races.

    All Meets

    Clerk of Course Makes sure all swimmers are in their proper lane at the start of each race.

    Assistant Clerk of Course

    The Assistant Clerk of Course (ACC) plays a very important role in pre-seeded automatically timed meets. The ACC’s job is to keep track of any and all changes between the scheduled meet program as listed in the heat sheet (i.e., which athletes are supposed to swim in which lane of which heat of which event) and the actual meet program, as reflected by who really swam when and where. This information is essential for reconciling the timing data after the meet, to make sure that the right time is attributed to the right swimmer.

    The ACC goes about this job by working closely with the Clerks of Course from both teams. There is only one ACC, and he or she will have a heat sheet describing the entire meet, with entries from both teams. Any time there is a departure from the scheduled meet program, the ACC will need to mark up his or her heat sheet to reflect the changes. For this reason, it is important that the ACC meet with both Clerks before the meet so that everyone understands the ACC’s role. The Clerks are encouraged to let the ACC know as soon as possible about any departures from the originally scheduled meet program.

    Changes the ACC needs to track include: scratches, substitutions, collapsed heats, and walk-ons.
    Place Judge Stands to the side of the pool and holds up the lane number of the swimmer who finished in the place he is judging so the Recorder can see and note the results. For example, if the 4th place swimmer was in Lane 6, the 4th Place Judge would hold up 6 fingers for the Recorder.
    Timer Times the swimmers from the start of their race until the end of their race and then records the swimmer's time on the heat sheets.
    Scorer Assigns points to each team based on the places of the swimmers in the main events as indicated on the "pink & blue" main event sheets. Also records DQ's and adjusts the score accordingly. Also records 2 and 3 time winners of main events as well as any pool records which may have been broken. This information is then provided to the Announcer at the end of the meet.
    Ribbon Writer Records the swimmers' names of the main events on the ribbon they receive according to where they placed in the race.
    Stroke & Turn Judge Watches each race and determines if each swimmer does the fundamental strokes properly and touches the wall properly. Also makes sure there are no early starts in relay races. If necessary, will complete the DQ slips and hand them to a Runner. MUST ATTEND TSA STROKE & TURN CLINIC PRIOR TO SEASON.
    Kid Pusher Gathers all swimmers and puts them in their lane assignments before the start of each race. Sends the swimmers of each race to the Clerk of Course.
    Timing Runner The Timing Runner is responsible for collecting timing sheets from the timers following the completion of each age group for each event. Time sheets are delivered to the Timing Manager.
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